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Stinger PIMP

The Stinger Performance Plug-in Microsquirt Powered (PiMP) engine control unit is the most user-friendly and capable plug and play option available for Ford EEC-IV equipped vehicles. Plug and play means you remove the stock ecu, plug in the PiMP, run a vacuum/boost line from the PIMP to the engine, follow a few basic setup steps, plug in a wideband o2 meter, and it’s ready to start up and begin tuning. It also allows you to remove the factory air meter (VAM on 2.3T cars, MAF on V8 cars) and run a filter directly off of your turbo or cold air tube.

Not only does it allow you to remove the factory air meter (which is a huge restriction on 2.3T powered vehicles) but it also features VE Live which is an auto tuning capability build into the tuning software. This powerful feature will tune the engine on it’s own while you do nothing but drive around under varying conditions. This allows the end user to tune the idle and cruising portion of the fuel map to “better than stock” often in less than 30 minutes. Additionally, the PiMP comes with a base tune featuring dyno proven and safe timing maps that can be ran as provided or fine tuned to your particular setup as you see fit. The PiMP also allows for any injector size and type readily available for your application. When upgrading injectors, your new tune for larger injectors is only a few keystrokes away. The rev limit can be changed in seconds and the 2-step launch control feature (for building boost on the line when drag racing) can be configured to any trigger rpm and launch rpm you see fit. An advanced feature known as flat-shift is popular in many forms of racing, the intent of which is to hold boost between shifts to eliminate lag after shifting. It can also be configured to any rpm and timing retard value to tailor it to your car and driving style. Additionally, the PiMP can trigger two stages of Nitrous or Meth/Water Injection as well as switch to different fuel, timing, and target AFR tables when these systems are activated. Table switching can also be triggered via a toggle switch or the factory premium fuel switch so you can have “Race” and “Cruise” tunes or any other combination of tunes you may desire “on the fly”. All of these features are configured to use the factory wiring harness and sensors for activation, though aftermarket switches can be used for Launch Control/Flat Shift activation if desired.

Based on MegaSquirt technology, the PiMP is designed to run the ignition system stock to your vehicle by default. Many different Ford ignition systems are supported including TFI, DIS, EDIS, CDI (MSD style ignition boxes), and via the Internal Expansion Port, Individual Coil Packs with a Crank Trigger. For non-stock ignition systems, additional wiring modifications or additions may be required.

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