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The GPIO board (General-Purpose Input-Output) is a custom hardware system spearheaded, developed and maintained by Lance Gardiner. The GPIO board is designed as a custom platform for testing R&D applications for various controls found in an automotive environment. The GPIO board has been used for a variety of very useful functions – the first released application for the GPIO board is the MegaShift automatic transmission controller, but it has circuitry capable of many other functions. It’s possible to modify one to be an ignition controller, record EGTs, or many other applications if you have the right parts and skills to assemble.

The GPIO board is designed for experimental use, it is not a plug-and-play product but more of a R&D hardware platform. The system is flexible but the it requires customization by the end-user for the targeted application. Think of this as your “Arduino” of the MegaSquirt world, the GPIO board has example software code available for you to build practically anything, and by communicating with MS2 or MS3 using CANBus there are hundreds of real-time variables you can capture from MegaSquirt for your own use! The possibilities are endless!

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