MegaSquirt for Commercial Projects

MegaSquirt is used world-wide for engine control. Its success is not limited to the automotive aftermarket – the use of MegaSquirt controls is being used and evaluated by many world-renowned engine and product manufacturers for commercial and industrial use. Applications include:

– Single-cylinder engines for consumer applications – generators, pressure washers, snowblower, lawn equipment, etc. are all being developed and evaluated by several major manufacturers. MegaSquirt can easily meet CPSC, EPA, CARB, and European emission standards and have been proven durable to exceed 500-hr continuous operational testing. MegaSquirts offer extensive calibration capability for low-CO applications, and post-catalyst control. Someday soon you may be purchasing a MegaSquirt-controlled product for home use!

– Marine engine applications – the application of MegaSquirt technology is also being investigated by manufacturers. MegaSquirt has been evaluated by the US Military for use in aqua/marine applications with spectacular results!

– ATV/Golf Carts/Transporters. Both aftermarket and OEM manufacturers rely on MegaSquirt products to power their products! There are several custom products using MegaSquirt as the central control for their total system solution.

– University and Research – MegaSquirts are put to work and universities all over the word and many journal papers and doctoral thesis works reference MegaSquirt. The transparent nature of how MegaSquirt operates makes it the perfect vehicle for research.

Do you have a custom application for MegaSquirt? We are always willing to work with new partners to use the technology in end-customer products. The Intellectual Property of MegaSqurt and registered trademarks are owned by Bowling and Grippo (a.k.a. BG Soflex) and can be licensed for use in your product or application. For consulting and commercial applications and ideas contact us directly at

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