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MegaSquirt 2

MegaSquirt 2 (MS2) is the workhorse of the MegaSquirt family, and is a popular product offerings. If you are looking for a straightforward aftermarket engine controller with a standard set of features the MS2 is an excellent choice. There are tens of thousands of MS2-powered engines all over the world, and it has successfully been used on everything from 1 to 16 cylinders!

Megasquirt-2 has an expansive set of options and features, but may require customization by the end user depending on the application. MS2 is primarily a batch fuel setup, meaning there are two main injector banks that are directly controlled. Batch fuel mode will support any number of cylinders, and for many applications this works well. MS2 does have many extensions using the Extra firmware; limited sequential EFI setups,  4 cylinder sequential fuel and 6 cylinder coil-on-plug are directly supported. Ignition configuration options like Ford EDIS allows up to 8 cylinder operation.  Various racing features are available, and CAN communications is included for all firmwares. The tuning interface uses TunerStudio for control of all variables in real-time. No SD-card logging hardware is available in MS2 (MS3 supports SD card logging), but serial port datalogging using TunerStudio is available. MS2 implements the same calibrations, test modes and diagnostic loggers as MegaSquirt3.

MegaSquirt-2 is a good upgrade path for MegaSquirt-1, and the best choice for a new budget-oriented installation. For many just starting out on EFI, MegaSquirt2 is a good entry point, and upgrading later on to MegaSquirt3 is a simple 5-minute hardware swap. For firmware options, the B&G base code offers general engine control operation, while the MS2-Extra firmware offers expanded features and functions, and is totally free to use in MegaSquirt-2 – just download the firmware into the controller and you are ready to go!

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MS2 is available from many of the MegaSquirt resellers, for use with the assemble-it-yourself V3 or the assembled V357 mainboard. Click the button below for a list of suppliers:

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