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The DIYPNP is a Do-It-Yourself Plug-N-Play Engine Management System. It is made up of three main pieces that allow for an incredibly flexible and modular system for building a plug-n-play EMS for a plethora of vehicles.

At it’s core, the DIYPNP is based on the MicroSquirt Module which is a MegaSquirt-II Processor based ECU on a credit card sized PCB. The DIY element of this EMS comes from the fact that you assemble it yourself from a kit of components, soldering the unit together and then adding wire jumpers to route the signals to the connectorboard to match the needs of your car. The assembly is not nearly as complex or time consuming as a standard MegaSquirt ECU kit assembly, there are fewer components and all components are sized so that they are easy to solder (no tiny transistors here).

We’ve taken the awesome capability of the MicroSquirt Module, combined with the MS2/Extra firmware, and built out a mainboard that adds a very nice featureset including pretty much everything we get asked about on a daily basis by our customers. You’ve got dual ignition inputs and up to four ignition outputs (logic level, allowing for Coil-On-Plug for up to a 4cyl engine or wasted-spark ignition for up to a V8 engine. High current ignition outputs are an optional upgrade) Distributor based ignition is of course supported as well. Knock control, boost control, 4 spare inputs and 4 spare outputs for driving fans, intake butterflies, on/off variable cam systems, whatever else you can imagine. There are more features too, check the features and documentation pages for full details.

You know you want one of these for your ride! Take total control of your engine without all of the fuss of custom wiring and tuning. Click the button below for more information:

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