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Aux Addon Page

MegaSquirt has many auxiliary add-ons available to help tailor your installation for your ride. If you are doing a custom installation, or just a minor feature update, you will need the little bits and pieces to help you complete your job, and the vendors like DIYAutotune and EFI Source have complete packages as well as individual components and that “odd” thing that you may run into. Be sure to get all of the little pieces and things you need ahead of time before you start your installation – this way you will be up and running fast and burning up the road!

Here is a short list of vendors that carry custom MegaSquirt add-on components like JimStim, wiring harnesses, external PWM controls, supplemental VR interfaces, etc:

JB Performance

Trigger Wheels Performance

Bell Engineering Group

Extraefi MegaSquirt add-ons

These vendors are here to help you get to where you want to go!

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