Learn More About MegaSquirt EFI

MegaSquirt is all about education and learning – its very existence came about as an effort to understand engine controls, and how to adapt to a multitude of applications. So there is a vast sea of information available – no other project offers this much information and practical installation tips!

If you are interested in how the MegaSquirt works, or engine controls in general, visit the megamanual website, it is a encyclopedia of knowledge on everything EFI and a must-read for everything EFI. This site also covers the Bowling & Grippo (B&G) firmware, which is the original MegaSquirt controller firmware and the core of all of the MegaSquirt software codes. The B&G code offers basic engine controls and features:


If you are a current user of MegaSquirt you are most likely using the MS-Extra version of the embedded firmware (highly recommended – and its free!). The MS-Extra frmware takes the B&G base code and extends it with a multitude of functions and features – and if it is not there then chances are it will be added in the near future. It takes just a few minutes to load the MS-Extra application into your MegaSquirt hard and be ready to go! There is a whole world dedicated to the MS-Extra firmware application here:



Remember – Megasquirt does require calibration and tuning! To successfully install and tune the ECU you will need to understand engine operation and fuel injection methods. The more you understand the better your installation. The documentation provided should guide you through this process as well as giving you the opportunity to learn some of the underlying theory. Also the online forums at msefi.com and msextra.com offer thousands of individuals just like yourself who are willing to help and get you running.

As with all universal engine management systems, it is the responsibility of the installer and tuner to configure the system correctly. But you have the complete power to do anything with your engine, and the keys to unlock maximum power and performance!

An alternative to the do-it-yourself approach is to use one of the application-targeted MegaSquirt products, such as the MSPNP from DIYAutotune or the MS Gold box series from EFI Source. These setups go a long way in getting you ready to go in a matter of minutes – and you can still turn all of the knobs and dials that MegaSquirt offers in order to extract the very last drop of power!

Learn more about MegaSquirt EFI systems at the following sites: